G Suite is a set of online instruments for team work and increased productivity

Service gives your team familiar and handy tools (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar etc.), that allow you to work comfortably, interact more effectively and achieve the results faster. The complex set of G Suite apps is equally handy and suitable for startups, small, medium and even big business. By integrating G Suite, you reduce IT-expenses, get corporate email with Gmail interface and all other necessary applications for teams work. You don’t have to buy the Office licenses anymore, purchase and maintain servers – all the needed tools are already included in the package, the data is saved in the cloud and is available any time for any device. All the instruments from G Suite kit, such as corporate email Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Slides, Hangouts Meet, Google Vault, Hangouts Chat, Cloud Search, App Maker, SItes Creator, Google Forms, Google Classroom, Jamboard, are available to download from App Store and Google Play, so that you always have access to the data, track the changes in files, work on the go, at home or in the countryside.

Use G Suite to ease your work


Create corporate email with your company’s domain

Use the email for business with familiar interface without ads and spam. Organize the work with emails using intelligent sorting, filters, and markers. Save your data with automatic back-up.

Stay in touch

Keep in touch with colleagues using the G Suite tools, no matter where they are or which device they are using. All thanks to Gmail and Hangouts.

Work with your documents in real time

Engage the entire team to work on documents, save the access to the files and edit them even offline, without Internet connection.

Download the files from the cloud and share them

Synchronize the data from your phone and computer, give the access to the documents in one click, without sending any attachments.

Protect your data and devices

Manage the access through the Admin console. Renew the information via Google Vault in any time in case they were lost.

Set up G Suite with the help of Techsvit

We are the official partners of G Suite and Google Cloud Partner in Ukraine


We use G Suite for our own business, also we integrate cloud services and connect Gmail with the domain, and provide whole program package for companies in different industries in Ukraine and Europe with data migration and transfer (email, contacts, files, calendars).


Knowledge of the functionality and possibilities of the service administration allows us to set up email and G Suite services according to your company’s tasks and goals

Payment options - invoices in UAH, USD, EUR

We provide an invoice and an option to pay by bank transfer (from a legal entity to a legal entity account in Ukraine or Europe).

Legal and accounting documents

We provide you with all the necessary legal and accounting documentation that meets the requirements of the payer's country.

Discounts and special terms

For new and existing corporate clients we give the discounts for switching in and setting up the email for business and other G Suite services (ex. Google Apps, GApps).

Additional Service and Support from Techsvit

Apart from selling licences we implement and support G-Suite services, perform the migration from other corporate business email services, integration with other services or devices, extended training on G Suite or its separate services.

Communicate, interact and manage with G-Suite

Programs, that are part of G-Suite kit

  • loading Gmail
  • loading Drive
  • loading Calendar
  • loading Google Docs
  • loading Google Sheets
  • loading Google Slides
  • loading Hangouts Meet
  • loading Google Vault
  • loading Hangouts Chat
  • loading Cloud Search
  • loading Google Keep
  • loading App Maker
  • loading Site creator
  • loading Google Forms
  • loading Classroom
  • loading Jamboard


Prices for G Suite in Ukraine

Prices for the corporate email with Gmail depend on the functionality of the G Suite package you select.
G Suite Basic G Suite Business G Suite Enterprise
Corporate email with your own domain + + +
Complete set of G Suite Apps + + +
Google Drive Storage 30 Gb Unlimited Unlimited
Video and voice calls + + +
More than 30 people can join the videoconference - + +
G Suite Basic
G Suite Business
G Suite Enterprise
Corporate email with your own domain + + +
Complete set of G Suite Apps + + +
Google Drive Storage 30 Gb Unlimited Unlimited
Video and voice calls + + +
More than 30 people can join the videoconference - + +
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