Caer Sidi: Reimagining work with G Suite Enterprise

11 December 2019

Techsvit helped the client decide on a reliable solution that would be compatible with modern security tools and consistent with the rapid development of the business. Implemented and configured G Suite Enterprise services.

About the customer: Paracosm. Gamers have here a library of multidimensional adventures with possibility to transfer assets between games.

Industry: Gaming

Product: G Suite

The challenge: High-quality and safe mail operation was an important aspect for choosing a supplier in Caer Sidi, but not the only one. Effective and productive adjustment of business processes required multitasking functionality, which could ensure the coordinated work of a team located in several countries, as well as provide simple administration of accounts, as the company expanded rapidly.

The solution: For the work of their team, Caer Sidi chose G Suite Enterprise, where advanced protection, administration and configuration options are available, including access to the G Suite security center.

The results: The introduction of G Suite Enterprise allows the IT department to focus on solving other business problems, and not waste time servicing and supporting internal work programs. For example, the service Deep scanning email attachments has become an important assistant in the fight against malware.

Pavlo Netsko, DevOps at Caer Sidi

“G Suite Enterprise is an investment in our development, since when new tasks appear, we are always sure that we can quickly configure the system for their implementation”


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